The Famous Dum Parotta

This recipe is for the people who want to indulge and enjoy the life. This particular dish is called in different names like Kili Parotta, Ilai Parotta, Manchatti Parotta etc., We also came with a crazy name for this dish as “Pothacha Parotta” which means “the buried Parotta”. But, what makes this unique is the […]

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Eatploration in Kerala – Part 3

As the title suggests, it is obviously the third story of this blog series about our food trip to Kerala. You may read previous stories here – Part1 and Part2. Our first homestay in Kochi was riverside and our second homestay was with lake-view. So, obviously our third homestay was with beach-view. We travelled to […]

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Eatploration in Kerala – Part 2

This is continuation from our previous blog post. Contrary to our earlier post, we would like to cover travel and experience more in this blog post when compared to talking about foods. Kerala has almost all sorts of experiences ranging from beaches, backwaters (boating), rivers, falls, mountains etc., We covered rivers, backwaters and beaches in […]

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Indian comfort foods in zero carbs!

Comfort foods are the food items on which people have high nostalgic or sentimental values while they are mostly high in carbohydrate level. To quote some examples, Idlies, Dosas, Rotis, Steamed white rice are some of the pan-Indian comfort foods. Every family in India consume leastways one of the above at least once a day […]

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Summer Recipes

Do you know what is worse than an Indian summer? The answer is “Indian summer at its peak”. Though we see summer as a displeasure, nature grants us with many fruit seasons only during this time. Tender coconuts, Ice Apples, Mangoes and Water Melons start to decorate road-side shops during this season. Though they are […]

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World Idli Day

Sometimes we won’t understand the power of simple things in life. Idli is one such thing. If you haven’t heard of the name – Idli – ever, let me take the honour to introduce it to you. In a nutshell, Idlies are steamed soft ellipsoid balls made with fermented batter of soaked rice and urad […]

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