Why should you drink Butter Tea?

Tea is a universal drink. It is consumed in different forms for different needs. For example, lemon tea helps in weight loss. Herbal tea rejuvenates mind. Ginger tea cures throat infection. Mostly tea is made with either water and/or milk. But, have you ever heard of tea made with butter?

Butter Tea is famous in Tibet and is locally known as Po Cha. Tibet is a high altitude place with heavy wind and snow fall. So, lips get dried up quickly and it will result in cracks in lips. To overcome this, people of Tibet make warm Butter Tea and dip their lips into tea and slurp it. They drink such a way that their entire lip is dipped into tea. Butter Tea helps in curing chapped lips and also aids digestion. And, since, it has high calorie content, it can be even consumed as breakfast!

With Paleo diet becoming a fad, Butter Tea is getting noticed from around the world. Paleo diet follows high fat-protien and no carbs diet regime. And, Butter Tea becomes an ideal drink for people following Paleo Diet as it has no carbs but full of fat. Butter tea is made with salt and not with Sugar.

If you ever wanted to try out a new tea recipe or if you have started Paleo diet, follow our Butter Tea recipe in our YouTube channel. ๐Ÿ™‚



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