Vegan Coffee – Naturally Creamy!

People love coffee mainly for 3 reasons – aroma, taste and texture. Aroma comes first in priority for the people who love coffee. Coffee is usually made with water and/or milk. And sometimes cream is added for texture. But, when you add cream for texture, it brings down the taste of the coffee.

Vegan coffee is one thing which is naturally creamy with strong aroma and taste. Also, you can drink this coffee without having any guilt of harming any animal. Vegan coffee is made of coconut milk instead of cow milk. Coconut milk has mild sweet taste, so one can consume Vegan Coffee without adding sugar.

If you are very conscious about your carbs intake or if you’re following Paleo diet, then we suggest you to try Vegan Coffee. If you want to surprise your guests, friends and visitors, just give them Vegan Coffee.

Good news is that Vegan Coffee is very easy and simple to make. We have given the recipe of Vegan coffee in our YouTube Channel. Cookploration is our name!


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