Koottanchoru – Allegory of a human life

Koottanchoru, in Tamil language, approximately translates to “Rice made with a group”. It could be perceived as a rice dish made with a group of vegetables or it could be deciphered as a dish made with a group of people, probably friends or family. Yes, often childhood friends play by making fire and trying to make simplified version of this dish in a coconut shell! So, it can be called as a cultural dish as it would involve a huge group of friends involving in separate tasks to achieve the output. Because, it needs a huge variety of ingredients.

Koottanchoru doesn’t enforce the same list of ingredients and it can be prepared in different ways. Ideally, Koottanchoru ingredients consists of wide varieties of vegetables, rice & pulse. And, usually it contains all types of taste – bitter, sweet, sour, astringent, spicy, tangy – into this one dish. Similar to a human life, this dish contains variety of ingredients and all types of taste.

Preparing this dish may be a cumbersome process. But, when you do it with a like-minded group of people, you’ll quite enjoy the experience. Watch the recipe video below and let us know your comments.

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