The fishy market – Where you buy fish!

Many people love to cook and eat seafood but they just don’t know all the tricks to buy good fishes, prawns, crabs etc., Especially, buying fishes from Indian fish market is a big art in itself. During our childhood, noisy and naughty classrooms in schools have been compared to Indian fish markets. Such is the ordeal to buy fishes from market.

Now that we are done with ranting about fish market, we can actually get to know some tricks and tips to buy good and fresh seafood. What is better than getting to know about these directly from a seller in fish market?

Watch this video where we tried to document most of the common doubts the regular consumer have about Indian fishes and fish markets. Confusions between fish names, proxy freshwater fishes for sea fishes, pointers to buy fresh fish, prawns and crabs were clearly explained in the video below by a fish seller himself. Point out if we have missed to cover anything in this video. We will be happy to make more episodes on this.

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