Gooseberry Soup – A journey of taste!

Gooseberry is one of a rarest thing which has a dynamic taste. When you take a bite of it, initially it will be bitter and slowly turns into sour taste and finally ends with a sweet taste. This one single ingredient can give a tour of taste to your thousands of taste buds in your tongue. In Tamil Language, we have a proverb which compares this taste of gooseberries with wise person’s advice. Just like goose berries taste, wise person’s advice will be bitter in the beginning (to follow), but it will be sweet in the end.

In addition to it’s unique taste, Gooseberries are healthy and contains Vitamin C which are necessary for healthy bones and skin. How would it taste in  soup format along with ginger and black pepper added to it?

Following is the video of Gooseberry soup video. Keto diet and Paleo diet followers can also have this soup. If you like our work, please follow our blog, Youtube channel and in all social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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