Vadai – The ultimate snack!

Vadai , sometimes referred as Vada in some parts of India, is an ultimate snack of India. Vadai finds a special place especially in families of Tamilnadu, a southern state of India. A famous fable told to almost any kid growing up in Tamilnadu involves a crow stealing a Vadai and fox cunningly plan to steal it from crow. Also there’s a famous line called “Vadai Poche” uttered by a legendary Tamil movie comedian called Vadivelu when he loses a Vadai accidentally. That line is mostly associated to any lost opportunity in many internet memes.

Vadai comes in different shapes and sizes. Pulses or locally called as Dal in India is the main ingredient of Vadai. Based on the pulse added, Vadai gets different name, for example Ulunthavadai is made with Urad Dal while Paruppu vadai / Aama vadai is made with Channa Dal. Ulunthavadai is usually fuffy with a center hole looking like Doughnuts. Paruppu vadai is usually thick and Ellipsoid looking like cutlets.

Ulunthavadai with Sambhar and Chutney

Monsoon downpours in southern India usually warrants a hot tea with Vadai or Bajji for most people. Special breakfast option in Tamilnadu requires Idly or Pongal along with Vadai as a side. Vadai is a unique dish which can be considered as side for breakfast or it can be a whole breakfast (Very big Ulunthavadai in Karnataka.). In both the cases, Vadai can also take Sambhar and Chutney as sides for itself. Vadai can be consumed as evening snack as such or even dipped in Sambhar, Curd or Rasam.

Spicy Paruppu Vadai
A Breakfast with mini Idlies and Vadais with Chutneys


KuchiKeeraivadai (Paruppu Vadai made with Dill leaves)
Oats-Chickpeas Vadai

When you get an opportunity to eat a Vadai, go ahead and eat it quickly. Don’t ever have a Vadai-Poche moment in your life! 🙂

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