Eatploration – Fishland-15 Bangalore

Usually most of the countries encourage diversity in food and hence have restaurants serving different cuisines of origin from different countries. But, India is a special country which has a lot many different cuisines spread across different regions of India itself. Off those cuisines from India, we have interesting set of cuisines namely coastal cuisines which has unique flavour predictably overloaded with seafood and coconuts. Goan cuisine, Mangalorean cuisine, Malabar cuisine are some of the notable ones from Coastal India.


Marwai Sukka – Clams Masala

Today we are going to talk about Mangalorean cuisine – especially, we are going to cover Mangalorean Food from a restaurant called Fishland-15. This one is located in walking distance from the Majestic (Kempegowda) Bus Stand which also has Bangalore Central Railway Station and Majestic Metro station nearby. Though it is accessible, the place it is located is usually crowded narrow lane which is not parking-friendly. But friendly waiters receive you well there and even suggest you what to order if you’re there for first time.

Chilli Crab

We know that typical Mangalorean cuisine is famous for its Neer Dosa and Mangalorean Chicken Ghee Roast or whatever ghee roast. Neer Dosa is a pancake made with rice batter mixed with tender coconut. That’s why it has smooth polished jelly texture while eating. Instead of Ghee Roast, Fishland-15 is known for Marwai Sukka which complements Dosas well. Marwai Sukka is a dish made with Clams. Although it has a good dose of red chilli powder and green chillies added, sweetness from clams and coconuts make this a little mild and when it is taken with Neer Dosa, it is a soothing experience

Neer Dosa + Seer Fish Fry + Clams Sukka

Crab Chilli from Fishland-15 is the most unique crab dish we have ever had. They served a whole crab with loads of coconut, onions and green chillies on top of it dipped inside a soupy broth. Broth had hints of Ginger, Garlic and a bit of black pepper which blended well with chilli-coconut masala and crab meat. This is something not to be missed if you love seafood. And, who says no to classy Seer Fish Fry which takes dining experience to whole new level. We learnt that they source clams, fishes and crabs directly from Mangalore daily.

Complementary Dessert

We were finally served with a complementary jelly dessert which was the perfect climax for the fulfilling dishes we had. The quality of the food and the friendly staffs make up for the not-so-great ambience of the restaurant. For the wholesome experience, we would love to give 9 stars out of 10 for seafood at this place!


9 stars out of 10



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