Fireless & Wireless Cooking – Part 1

What would you do if your daily food gets boring and you’re too lazy to cook with stove or microwave? What is the solution for people living in hostels or studio apartment without any kitchen space? What snacks can be made by even a 10 -year-old kid without much help from adults? Keeping these kinds of questions in mind, we are posting this blog. Here we try to make a list of things that can be made without need of fire and electricity. We will eliminate obvious boring choices like fruit bowl, fruit juice and those kinds in this list.

Pottukadalai Thanni

It is a stomach filling snack that can be prepared in less than a minute of time. It is basically roasted gram sugar water. Split roasted grams are available in shops and all you need to do is pouring 2 spoons of it in a glass and add a spoon of sugar and fill it with water. With the help of a spoon, stir this mixture well and sip it by lifting using the same spoon. Each sip of a spoon should contain a little of split roasted grams and sugary water with it.


Pottukadalai Urundai

This is a snack again prepared with split roasted gram as the main ingredient. Split roasted grams and sugar should be grind to powder. One may use stone grinder like Ammi or other hand grinding options instead of mixie which requires electricity. Once it is grind to powder it can be either consumed as such or made into spherical balls by adding a little of edible coconut oil or ghee.



This is again a very filling fluid dessert. Minimalistic version of this requires only curd, sugar and water. Basically, add everything together in a glass in correct proportion and stir it well. But it will be better if you can add a little butter before you stir and add a hint of honey, raisins and cashews after you finish stirring. And, it is good to serve cool  on earthenware.


Coconut with Palm sugar

This can be even treated as breakfast. Coconut is healthy when not cooked. Just cut coconut into biteable pieces and have each piece of coconut together with a little of palm sugar. You may also have some roasted grams together with that if you want.



This can be considered as breakfast or dinner. Aval is nothing but beaten rice flakes. In India, we have white rice flakes and red rice flakes and you can use anything depending on your preference. A handful of aval should be soaked either in sugar water or in heated cow milk if you have privilege to heat milk. After it is soaked for 5 to 10 minutes, it will absorb all the water and become puffy and soft.


We believe this post was interesting to you. We will make part 2 of this list if you like this. Please share your feedback and follow us in YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Our name is Cookploration everywhere!

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