Multipurpose Masala – A Kitchen Saviour

Have you heard of Swiss Army Knife? It is a tiny tool, rather a toolset, which packs a lot many useful tools to carry inside your pocket. When you want to do a small job which requires a mechanical tool, all you need will be a Swiss Army Knife almost irrespective of that mechanical job. Similarly, this Multipurpose Masala Powder is the Swiss Army Knife of a kitchen. For simplicity, let’s call this powder as Kurma Powder. Kurma powder can be one of the ingredient for almost any spicy dish that can be cooked.

For a change, I’ll write a small fiction story*** about this Kurma Powder. There was a guy who lived with his parents for his entire life before having to move to another foreign country for a short period for an official task. That guy had very limited cooking experience but loves his mom’s food. He is mostly used to Indian food which he cannot get easily in that foreign country.

Forget about Indian food, he cannot even get Indian ingredients there. Worried about what to eat there, he asked his mom to pack some readymade powders for him so that his cooking is easier. His mom promptly packed a few readymade powders including this Kurma Powder. He was given some basic instructions to make some dishes.

When he went to that foreign country, he was cooking 3 meals for him almost everyday during his entire stay there. He didn’t even watch any recipe videos in YouTube and rarely asked any doubts from anyone regarding cooking. At the end of a month, he became confident enough to invite some Indian friends staying in that foreign country for his lunch. Anyone who visited his home for lunch instantly became addicted to his Vegetable Kurma, Chicken Gravy and Chicken Briyani. Since no one can get good Indian food in that foreign country, his Indian friends frequented his home mainly for his awesome lunch.

This news got widespread there and even some of his Mexican friends also started to come to his house. They totally loved his Briyani and enquired about the recipe. Everyone was stunned at this exceptional taste despite getting only very little of Indian ingredients there. It was all possible only because of that Kurma Powder!

*** – Based on true events

This is a must-have ingredient in an Indian kitchen. This saves time while cooking and also enhances taste and fragrance to another level!

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