Diwali – A festival of crackers

Late October till December end is a very happening time throughout India. We get a lot of holidays during this season. It also marks a epidemic season and gets a huge rainfall especially in southern regions of India. Everyone plan their vacation and execute them. Major festivals of many religions and regions happen during this time. Out of that, Diwali is a festival which is celebrated throughout India and gracefully accepted by religions other than Hinduism in India. Diwali is also referred as Deepavali in Tamilnadu.

Rava Laddu

Diwali is marked as a celebration of death of a mythical evil person called Naragasuran. Metophorically, light wins over darkness by  fire lamps and fireworks during the night of Diwali. A lot of new movies will release during the week of Diwali and TV channels will telecast a lot of special programmes on the day of Diwali. Diwali day starts with early morning oil bath and is followed by abundance of food, sweets and savouries. Every family prepares a lot of different varieties of sweets and savouries and share those with all friendly neighbours and they will also return the favour.


People who embrace non-vegetarian food (that is, meat) usually have a lunch feast comprising of Chicken/Mutton Briyani, Chicken/Mutton Gravy etc., on that day. In addition to huge non-vegetarian feast, one is filled with back-to-back sweets and snacks options. Many people long for the occasion of Diwali for friendly get-togethers, sharing of sweets and consequently happiness. Kids love new dresses to be worn on D-day, blasting crackers and fireworks on that day.

Assortment of home-made sweets and savouries to be shared with neighbours


Concerned parents are mindful of every person’s health in the family and they prepare Marunthu Kulambu during the next day of Diwali. Marunthu Kulambu literally translates to ‘Medicinal curry’ which contains a lot of pepper. They also prepare digestive liquids called Kashayam. These Marthunthu Kulambu and Kashayam aids digestion and thereby removes all the ill-effects of eating too much of food. Yes, we cure ill-effects of eating too much food by taking another food.

Let’s and this short blog on Diwali by a meme and a small question:

Final question: Tomorrow (November 6, 2018) marks Diwali/Deepavali. So, what are you going to cook?

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