Fable – A Journey Of Rice!

For a change, we are going to write a bed-time story for kids in this post. There’s a not-widely-known good thing about a fable. Apart from implanting good morals on kid’s heart, it also reiterates those morals to the adult who is reciting stories for kids. Without further ado, let us move on to the story now.


A small girl was busy playing with her car toys inside her room. Her dad, busy in kitchen, summoned her to dining table to eat her lunch. Reluctant to leave playing, the kid simply chose to ignore her dad’s calls. Dad’s voice became louder now. So, she slowly walked to dining table with a car toy in hand. Her mom, working in a laptop, turned face towards her, quietly smirked at her and then again continued to work.

Dad asked the kid to put down the toy and eat her lunch herself. He told her that it is important to feel the food with all senses while eating and hence she should not watch TV/Mobile or play with toys while eating. Half-heartedly she co-operated and started eating her lunch herself. She has just started learning to eat cooked rice with her hands and hence it was spilled all around her plate while she was eating.

Once she finished her lunch and washed her hands, her dad showed her how much rice she has wasted while eating. But, the kid seemed to be unbothered about that. So, her dad calmly sat with her and asked her, “Do you know from where we get rice?”. Kid innocently answered, “Departmental store!”. Her dad laughed at her and started to explain the answer for his own question.

“Rice come from plants, baby! Farmers plough a large cultivation land and sow seeds to grow rice crops. Out of 10 seeds, only 1 successfully grows. Then, farmers manually separate group of plants and implant them with enough space. Due to this process and the problems from insects and lack of natural fertilisers, only about half of the plants  grows well enough to bear rice grains. Farmers cut fully grown crops and beat them on hard rock to separate rice grains from the crop. 2 out of 10 rice grains goes away in this process. Then it is put through machines to remove husk and give us white rice. In this process, we lose about 2 rice grains out of 10. Then it is packed in gunny bags and transported to various places to finally reach our home. We again lose 1 out of 10 grains in this process.”

Kid interrupted her dad and exclaimed, “So, we already lose so much of rice before buying it to our home, dad?”. Dad responded with a nod saying yes. Kid’s face turned dull knowing this. Dad continued with his story, “And, it doesn’t end there. We lose some rice when I clean it before cooking and we may lose some rice sticking hard with cooker. Whatever rice reaches your plate has fought all these problems and reached your plate to fill your stomach. So, you must not waste any food in your plate.” Kid now understood the problem completely and replied, ” I’ll not waste any food, dad!”.

Dad gave her a hi-fi and kissed her saying, “Good girl!”

PS: We need to weed out gender stereotypes from kid’s bed-time stories itself though that is not central plot of the story.

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