When Shark Becomes a Food!

There is a huge magnificent predator in deep sea that everyone is afraid to near. It swims swiftly and has the strongest bite force. With its monstrous jawline, it gives nightmares to the deep sea habitat. It is a cold blooded creature known for its cold blooded murders. Yes, I’m talking about Shark. But, how will it be for you when Shark is served in your plate as your food?

Sura Puttu – Ingredients

Shark is called as Sura in Tamil and the name of this dish made with Shark is called Sura Puttu in Tamil. Though sharks are not mammal and they fall under fish category, they have a unique taste or rather an acquired taste. But, this dish made with right mix of spices and coconut balances the smell and taste of this dish.

Sura Puttu
Sura Puttu

This dish is usually a side for regular Indian rice meals. It has a mild taste due to coconut. Yet, it comes with a strong flavour due to addition of ginger, garlic, chillies and fennel seeds. Since shark meat is steam cooked and shredded into small pieces, it is easy to chew. This makes this dish ideal for all age groups. There is a popular belief that it is also good for lactating mothers.

This is not the only dish we prepare with Shark. We can also cook yummy thick curry with Shark meat. Here is the picture of Shark curry that we shared in our Facebook page. Please let us know in comments if you want recipe for that too.

Here we present you the recipe to cook Sura Puttu in this video. Please watch and let us know your comments.

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