How to butterfly chicken breast with lollipop bone?

Eating is a sensual experience. Don’t get me wrong here. Food’s colour and shape are sensed by eyes, smell is sensed by nose, temperature and texture are sensed by touching, taste is sensed with mouth and finally ear’s hear the sweet sound of food being bitten and chewed. Hence, I consider eating food as a complete sensual experience and it requires totally undistracted commitment.

Chefs in five star hotels strive hard for presenting a food well because it enhances eating experience as I explained earlier. Ever wondered why kids don’t eat vegetables normally but wouldn’t mind eating them in a Pizza? Now you know the answer. There is a saying in Tamil – “Aal Paathi Aadai Paathi” – which means dressing is as much important as character for a person to create impact. I feel it applies to food as well.

Paleo Butterflied Chicken Fry

Chicken is a special ingredient which can absorb almost any flavour. But, we also need to make it visually impactful and hence we have different cuts for different recipes. Off them, “butterflying” is a unique way of presenting a chicken. Usually whole chicken is sliced in middle and pressed flat to make whole chicken resembling butterfly shape. The picture above is a slight but interesting variation to the regular butterflying method. Here a breast piece is sliced without any bones other than the lollipop bone (wing bone). Breast piece is flattened by pressing. Hence it is easy to eat by holding with lollipop bone in hand.

This recipe is Paleo friendly and is universal. That is, we have added a very minimal set of ingredients which are available across the globe. Curd, Salt, Black Pepper Powder, Turmeric Powder are the only other compulsory ingredients. Coconut Oil or Butter can be used for shallow frying. Basmati leaves or Bay leaves or its counterparts can be used to add flavour but not compulsory. Similarly, we can add mixed herbs such as Thyme, Oregano, Basil and Rosemary in the end.

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We know videos are more helpful in demonstrating cutting and cooking process than text. Please watch the video below and let us know your comments about this recipe. Thanks.

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