Eatploration: Authentic Muslim Cuisine in Bangalore

“Unity in diversity” is the policy of India. Because, India has diverse set of languages, communities and cultures. Consequently, India enjoys diverse set of foods and cuisines as well. Muslim cuisine is best known for their Briyani and Kebabs. Every non-vegetarian in India awaits to eat Ramzan special Briyani from a Muslim friend. Such is the deliciousness of their Briyani.

But, as a foodie, we cannot wait for Ramzan forever. That’s when the need for restaurants serving authentic Muslim cuisine arises. Thankfully, our search to find authentic Muslim cuisine in Bangalore ended fruitful. The name of the restaurant is Sharief Bhai. It is located in a narrow road near Jyoti Nivas College in Koramangala with very limited parking space close by.

Restaurant welcomes us with their open kitchen which is busy making Paththar Ghost on heated stone, Chicken Kebabs on furnace filled with charcoal, deep fries and shallow fries being made in an oil pan and Paya in making inside a pressure cooker. The name Paththar Ghost may sound scary. But, it is a mouth-watering dish made of thin slices of lamb meat cooked on top of a heated flat stone.

Paththar Ghost

Apart from Paththar Ghost, they have a huge number of options for starters. Brain fry, Chicken Kebab, Mutton Leg Paya are some of the other notable starter options. They serve everything in a white rustic looking plates accompanying mostly with onion, cucumber and a green coloured chutney.

Brain Fry
Chicken Kebab

The default main dish to order is their Mutton Briyani. We have been to their place for four to five times. They serve delicious mutton briyani consistently. Their ambience is good but lighting is slightly dull. Also, they don’t have a big space which sometimes gets full too quick. But, it is okay to wait to eat awesome briyani.

Mutton Briyani (as they serve)
Same Briyani (After we mix the rice well)

This Briyani feast was accompanied with their Lime Soda and promptly ended with their delectable dessert – Matka Phirni. We also needed their flavourful sweet beeda to aid digestion of this full feast.

Matka Phirni

We will definitely rate them with 9.5 out of 10 for their food and 8 out of 10 for their ambience. If you are a true Briyani lover, you should not miss this experience.

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