Eatploration: Authentic Burmese Cuisine in Bangalore

People tend to explore something new always in their life. It depends on the person’s interests. For foodies, exploration is mostly on cooking and eating. Actually, that is the main reason why we named our culinary channel as Cookploration. And, we also like to appreciate all good food that we get to eat outside. That is why we write reviews about authentic complete food experiences under the title – Eatploration.

Without further ado, let us get into today’s topic about authentic Burmese food in Bangalore. We walked in to “Burma Burma” restaurant located in Indranagar without prior booking on a holiday. We were told that it would take around 40 more minutes for getting a table for us. After 40 minutes of roaming and quick shopping in Indranagar, we promptly returned to “Burma Burma” restaurant to be greeted with calming ambience and a friendly waiter explaining the four different types of chutneys/sauces placed on table.

We started our meal with a “Samosa Soup” and 2 salads – “Tea Leaves Salad” and “Lotus Stem Salad”. Samosa Soup was thick and tangy. Tea leaves salad should be an acquired taste as it is astringent while Lotus stem salad was crunchy and tasty. We didn’t think twice to order “Lotus Stem Crisps” as side after having tasted salad.

Lotus Stem Crisps

After this, we had one of the most unique dumpling – “Pan Fried Rice Dumpling”. Fermented Rice Paste is fried in hemispherical shape in a specially designed pan and is stuffed on top with papaya salad and is served with peanut chutney. This one was a very memorable dish for us and we enjoyed this a lot.

Pan Fried Rice Dumpling

Then, we had the famous Burmese dish – “Mohinger” (It is usually pronounced as “Moynga” locally). This dish can be described as thin rice noodles dipped in tangy banana stem noodles served with flat spicy crisps made of “Chana Dal” (Bengal gram). This is quite filling and comes as a very flavourful dish.


What can be called as Burmese feast without having “Khow Suey”? For the uninformed, “Khow Suey” is steam cooked flat rice noodles served with coconut curry with embellishments such as fried onions, fried garlic, peanuts, chilli flakes, spring onions and lemons. But, since we already had too much of food, we were not ready to try full fledged Khow Suey as coconut curry feels too heavy to eat. Thankfully, they had dry version of Khow Suey without coconut curry. Though we liked it, the taste was little lesser than the usual Khow Suey served with coconut curry.

Complete flavourful and colourful lunch was complemented well with “Avacado Icecream” in the end. It was absolute bliss to have different ingredients such as Tea leaves, Banana stem, Lotus stem, Raw papaya and Avacado in a single lunch. It is one of our unforgettable lunch and would rate the experience and food with 9.5 stars out of 10 stars.

Avacado Icecream

Here is a short video of the Avacado Icecream that we posted in Twitter.

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