Koppara Kathirikkai – A successful experiment!

Inspirations are everywhere. Especially when it comes to food, we often get inspired from other recipes. We try to take ideas from a foreign recipe and try to localize it or we take two or more different recipes and try to blend them into one special recipe. Many times such experiments lead to disaster output. But, when we are willing to experiment continuously even after setbacks, we may get some new recipe with unique blend of taste and flavours. This dish, Koppara Kathirikkai (Literal translation: Dry coconut Brinjal), is one such successful experimentation of ours!

Koppara Kathirikkai

This is a very hot and spicy vegetarian dish with unusual ingredients such as dry coconut, white sesame seeds and groundnuts. It has strong hot taste due to the amount of red chillies, garlic and black pepper powder that we add. But, dry coconut and ghee nullifies hotness to an extent and makes it a balanced taste. In addition to the taste, it has a distinct smell and texture. It goes well with steamed rice, curd rice or dal rice.

We have provided the link to our recipe video below. Please enable English captions when you watch our videos. Subscribe to our Cookploration channel to explore something new in cooking and eating. Please share our videos with your friends if you like our work. We are almost omni-present in social media in the name of Cookploration.

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