World Idli Day

Sometimes we won’t understand the power of simple things in life. Idli is one such thing. If you haven’t heard of the name – Idli – ever, let me take the honour to introduce it to you. In a nutshell, Idlies are steamed soft ellipsoid balls made with fermented batter of soaked rice and urad dal. It is best tasted with coconut chutney, chillies chutney, Podi (Called as “Gun Powder”). It also goes well with Chicken curry, Mutton Curry, Mutton Leg Paya and Sambhar as well. Some eat Idlies with white sugar or curd too.

Idlies with Chicken Curry and Mini Idlies with Sambhar that we served in our first food stall

Idlies are the staple food in southern states of India. Recipe to make “Idli” or “Idly” is very simple. You need to soak “Idly Rice” and “Urad Dal” in four to one ratio for 6 hours and 1 hour respectively. Then they are grind to fine white paste with wet-stone-grinders and is allowed to ferment for a day or more. Once it is fermented enough, a little amount of water should be added to the batter and mixed well. Then the batter is poured carefully in specially shaped idly plates which has multiple cups. The batter is steam cooked to yield us this special dish called Idlies.

“Thatte Idly” served in a road-side shop in Bangalore

Since Idlies are made with fermented batter, it usually has a lot of probiotics which is good for health. Also, they are very light weight and can be consumed by anyone of any age as biting it requires very little effort and is easily digested. It can be consumed even during high fever. This is why, Idlies are mostly the first choice for breakfast for most of the families in South India.

Idlies can be made interesting with different shapes and forms. When it is made very small like a one-bite snack, they are called “Mini Idlies” which is served dipped inside Sambhar and Ghee usually. Kancheepuram is a town located in Tamilnadu which is famous for a special variety of idly where batter is mixed with some spices and is steam-cooked wrapped with banana leaves. Karnataka is known for its variety called “Thatte Idly” which is usually in a larger disc shape and is usually steamed with Jackfruit leaves or Banana leaves. Karnataka is also known for “Rava Idly” as well.

Idlies transformed to “Upma”

Idlies can be also transformed to different dishes. For example, Idlies remaining for more than a day can be shredded and re-made as “Idli Upma”. Otherwise, Idlies can be cut into cubes and fried in oil to make “Fried Idlies” or “Chilli Idlies”. Or, they can be mixed shredded and mixed with mutton gravy to make “Mutton Koththu Idly” (Inspired from “Kothu Parotta” recipe.)

Here we present you our video of “Mutton Koththu Idli”. Please enable English subtitles when you watch our videos. Let us know your feedback.

Our blog post cannot complete without mentioning about Chutneys that compliments Idlies well. Please find our easy Chutney recipes below:

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