Summer Recipes

Do you know what is worse than an Indian summer? The answer is “Indian summer at its peak”. Though we see summer as a displeasure, nature grants us with many fruit seasons only during this time. Tender coconuts, Ice Apples, Mangoes and Water Melons start to decorate road-side shops during this season. Though they are good to consume as such, we, as foodies, tend to make something out of them too. Here we write about two of our summer recipes to cope up with heat produced by Indian summer.

First recipe is made of mangoes. Let us dedicate a moment imagining about thick sticky sweet mango juice oozing out in our mouth while biting mango’s soft pulp. And for the next deeper bite, juice gets tangy and is tingling our teeth. It is an experience to be cherished. But, can we imagine the same mango taste in some other form? It will be interesting imagine same kind of taste with jelly texture with crunchy and juicy bites sprinkled randomly inside the jelly. You may surprise your kids and guests by making this special Mango Jelly recipe made with organic mangoes and serving in earthernware cups. Please turn on English subtitles whenever you watch our video in YouTube.

Next recipe is made of very interesting set of ingredients. “Ice apples” (Asian Palmyra Palm) are an absolute delicacy during Indian summer. It is a natural mild sweet jelly containing juice tasting like tender coconut water. Following recipe uses the natural jelly texture of Ice Apples in an interesting way. What makes this recipe even more interesting is the addition of both spices and sweetness and it gives a mix of taste when consumed. Also, cashews, badam and kaskas give nutty texture while garnishing with dried rose petals give a special taste and aroma. We named this dish as Nongu Delight (Nongu is a Tamil word for Asian Palmyra Palm) as this is an absolute delight to drink this during summer. Please turn on English subtitles whenever you watch our video in YouTube.

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