Indian comfort foods in zero carbs!

Comfort foods are the food items on which people have high nostalgic or sentimental values while they are mostly high in carbohydrate level. To quote some examples, Idlies, Dosas, Rotis, Steamed white rice are some of the pan-Indian comfort foods. Every family in India consume leastways one of the above at least once a day should be a valid assumption. That is, those are the food items that Indians cannot miss for long time.

But, for various reasons, Indians may have to miss those comfort foods for a long time. For example, If one starts to follow high-fat low-carbs diet such as Keto diet or Paleo diet, they have to stop eating all of the aforementioned high-carbs comfort foods. But, how can they get over the missing feeling for longer time after taking up those diet regimes is what we try to answer with this blog post.

Let’s start with Idli (sometimes spelled as Idly) first. As stated in our another blog post, Idlies are nothing but steam-cooked rice cakes. Idlies are friendly to infants and old-aged as they are easy to bite and digest. However, rice contains carbs which maybe constrained for some people and hence we present an alternate way to make Idlies. Instead of using fermented rice batter, one can simply use Paneer mixed with curd and eggs to create a paste which can be steam-cooked to give zero carbs Idlies.

Zero Carbs Idlies made with Paneer, Curd and Eggs

Usually same fermented rice batter is used to make Dosas as well. Egg whites when beaten with coconut flour gives out a batter which can then be used to make zero carbs Dosas. The other benefit that we get from using these tricks to prepare Dosas and Idlies is that you get instant zero carbs paste/batter for Idlies and Dosas. Otherwise one has to wait at least for a day for the fermentation process.

Paleo Zero Carbs Dosa with Egg Burji

Rotis are staple food for northern part of India and they are usually made with wheat flour and/or refined flour. However, both wheat and refined flour contains carbohydrates and hence we can use almond flour as the replacement. Almond flour is gluten-free and hence it may not bind well. Addition of eggs can help it to bind well and it will be relatively heavy when you consume it.

Steamed white rice is something which can be used to eat with almost anything like Curries, Sambhar, Kurma, Rasam and Curd. So, Indians would lose a lot if they have to follow a diet sans white rice. Steamed white rice can be imitated by dry-roasting grated bottle gourd. Sometimes, Cauliflower also can be used to surrogate white rice. also, Sambhar can be made without pulses (for Paleo Diet) using smashed pumpkin as a replacement for it.

Curd rice can be imitated by cooking grated White Pumpkin along with seasoning and later adding curd to it once it cools down. Mustard seeds, Curry leaves and Green chillies can be added for seasoning. Grated black pepper can be added as well.

Hope you enjoyed this list and let us know if we missed anything. Thanks.

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