Sirukilangu Varuval – A Rare Gem

Sirukilangu, when directly translated from Tamil means “Small Tuber”. But it is generally called “Native potato” or “Chinese potato” and biology calls it as Plectranthus rotundifolius. Though it is called Chinese Potato, these edible tubers are available only in some regions of India, Malaysia, Srilanka, Indonesia and West Africa. Sirukilangu is overwhelmingly a subsistence crop, which means […]

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Parotta – An artful delight

Sometimes we cringe why some of the tastiest dishes are classified as unhealthy and Parotta is one such unhealthy indulgent food. Parotta comes in different shapes and forms and even in different spellings and this post is not intended to cover that exhaustive list. Instead we may touch upon those list and also appreciate the […]

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Eatploration – Fishland-15 Bangalore

Usually most of the countries encourage diversity in food and hence have restaurants serving different cuisines of origin from different countries. But, India is a special country which has a lot many different cuisines spread across different regions of India itself. Off those cuisines from India, we have interesting set of cuisines namely coastal cuisines […]

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Vadai – The ultimate snack!

Vadai , sometimes referred as Vada in some parts of India, is an ultimate snack of India. Vadai finds a special place especially in families of Tamilnadu, a southern state of India. A famous fable told to almost any kid growing up in Tamilnadu involves a crow stealing a Vadai and fox cunningly plan to […]

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Vegan Coffee – Naturally Creamy!

People love coffee mainly for 3 reasons – aroma, taste and texture. Aroma comes first in priority for the people who love coffee. Coffee is usually made with water and/or milk. And sometimes cream is added for texture. But, when you add cream for texture, it brings down the taste of the coffee. Vegan coffee […]

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Why should you drink Butter Tea?

Tea is a universal drink. It is consumed in different forms for different needs. For example, lemon tea helps in weight loss. Herbal tea rejuvenates mind. Ginger tea cures throat infection. Mostly tea is made with either water and/or milk. But, have you ever heard of tea made with butter? Butter Tea is famous in […]

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