Indian comfort foods in zero carbs!

Comfort foods are the food items on which people have high nostalgic or sentimental values while they are mostly high in carbohydrate level. To quote some examples, Idlies, Dosas, Rotis, Steamed white rice are some of the pan-Indian comfort foods. Every family in India consume leastways one of the above at least once a day […]

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Vegan Coffee – Naturally Creamy!

People love coffee mainly for 3 reasons – aroma, taste and texture. Aroma comes first in priority for the people who love coffee. Coffee is usually made with water and/or milk. And sometimes cream is added for texture. But, when you add cream for texture, it brings down the taste of the coffee. Vegan coffee […]

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Why should you drink Butter Tea?

Tea is a universal drink. It is consumed in different forms for different needs. For example, lemon tea helps in weight loss. Herbal tea rejuvenates mind. Ginger tea cures throat infection. Mostly tea is made with either water and/or milk. But, have you ever heard of tea made with butter? Butter Tea is famous in […]

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