Parotta – An artful delight

Sometimes we cringe why some of the tastiest dishes are classified as unhealthy and Parotta is one such unhealthy indulgent food. Parotta comes in different shapes and forms and even in different spellings and this post is not intended to cover that exhaustive list. Instead we may touch upon those list and also appreciate the art of making and eating this awesome dish.

The picture above shows 3 Coin Parottas served with Chicken curry. You may notice that the Parotta in the middle is shredded if you watch closely. Actually, that is the first step in the art of eating a Parotta. Yes, when a Parotta is served hot in your plate, you need to beat Parotta with 2 palms just like how you would clap your hands and then lifting the Parotta by pinching it and shaking it would give you the shredded Parotta as in the picture above. Each bite of Parotta can be dipped generously with the gravy (preferably chicken). Or some even like to pour generous amount of curry over shredded Parotta and allow it absorb the curry. Each parotta bite oozing out chicken curry gives a divine pleasure.

Parotta is usually made with a white flour named maida which is actually a refined wheat flour. Ingredients for Parotta is straightforward – Flour, salt, oil and water. Some people add eggs while kneading flour for Parotta to make the Parotta fluffy. Some may even add a hint of sugar while kneading. Parotta comes in coiled layered circular form as in Coin Parotta showed in the first picture or flat rectangular form called Veechu Parotta or Ceylon Parotta which is stuffed Veechu Parotta. Kneading Parotta flour to very thin sheets to achieve Veechu Parotta shape and coiled layered Coin Parotta shape is the most artistic thing involved in making Parottas. It will come only with practice and passion.

Now that we have covered art involved in making and eating the Parotta, let’s finish this post by mentioning different forms of Parottas and the different names it has. Parotta becomes Brotta or Bu-rotta in different dialects but it should not be confused with Paratha which is a different dish altogether. Parottas can be made even unhealthier by deep frying it in pan and make Fried Parotta or Yennai Parotta or Poricha Parotta. Or it can be made a little healthier by making with wheat flour and hence called Wheat Parotta. Apart from stuffed Parotta like Ceylon Parotta we have Chinese influenced version called Chilli Parotta. Finally, would like to mention Koththu Parotta or Kaima Parotta which is shredded Parotta with egg or chicken masala like the one above. And each locality in Tamilnadu boasts of its version of Parotta like extra fluffy “Bun Parotta” in Madurai and Scrambled egg stuffed Parotta called “Puff parotta” invented by a roadside shop in Bangalore.

We have made recipe video of making 3 types of Parottas. Unlike other usual recipe videos, we present you the art of making layered Parottas without having to add eggs, butter or sugar.



If a chicken curry tastes very good, it should be appropriately complimented with as many parottas. We can lose track of counting the calories when we eat Parottas! πŸ˜‰

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